Monday, October 20, 2014

Celebrate the Arts Show Review and Studio b Pink Party

Delphi, IN Celebrate the Arts
This past weekend was the Delphi, IN Celebrate the Arts show.  Mom and I have participated in the show every year since it began.  I seriously don't think this show can catch a break on the weather - but at least we are now in doors where before it was an outdoor show (hurricane force winds and rain).

This year we were setup inside an old Methodist church that the art society now owns.  We were setup in the sanctuary on two sides of the aisle.  One side had the enameled necklaces and pieces in the shadow boxes.

Mom setting up the other side and talking to another vendor

The other side had the bowls, bracelets, earrings, other necklaces and our pictures that have been infused in aluminum.

During the show I took up knitting again - which I have not done in a very, very, very long time.  This will be a preemie hat that will be donated once done.

So - that was our Saturday.

Sunday was an awesome day of relaxing and then of course Studio b Pink Party

Pink Party by Studio b
Studio b is where I go for my Zumba and Tabata classes.  These ladies are a bunch of amazing people and I always look forward to working out there.

The Pink Party is an annual event they host to raise money for the YWCA. Th YWCA uses those donations to help women receive breast and cervical exams. Last night the event had 86 participants and raised over $1200 for the YWCA.  If you like you can go and see a brief video of the whole group dancing on the Facebook page - you can see me for a split second :)

A picture of me before heading to the Zumba party. The necklace I am wearing is one of our double sided enameled pendants with the breast cancer awareness ribbon.  That pendant should be going into the shop sometime this week if I can get off my behind and get pictures taken :)

People signing in for the party.

My friend Julie and me after the Zumba party.  She is the one who inspired me to get into shape with Zumba - she is one awesome gal let me tell you!!!!

Prizes being handed out and treats to be eaten.

The lady throwing the package is Jill - she is my Tabata instructor and she has been so awesome and motivating to get me into shape!!!

So, that was my weekend.  I hope you had a great weekend too!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Personal Update - Sale of House, Zumba, New Hair Color

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Currently this is me - being very patient with my mortgage company as I wait for them to approve the short sale (since January 2014 - yes I did say January).  I have had a buyer since January 16th and I seriously hope I still have a buyer for the house after all this time.  My paperwork has finally gone to the short sale department and I am just waiting (and waiting) for the approval. The department has three more days to get back to me since the paperwork got to them - then I am contacting my Realtor and title company to ask, WTH????

I have also started going to Zumba - I started at the end of May.

This picture sums up how I look during Zumba - but I really don't care because I am having so much fun that I don't care what I look like (except when we have brief solos during one or two songs - then panic mode starts!).

This is my first post workout photo - really bad - I know :)

And a photo of me from a few weeks ago - you sure can tell my face has slimmed down.  I have actually lost 23 pounds since I started with Zumba and Tabata.  I am going to have to break down soon and buy new pants - I am starting to look like I am wearing parachute pants from the '80s and '90s.

via Google images
Last week I went from being a red head back to a blonde - I was getting tired of the gray hair appearing about a week after I colored it.  The gray really shows up against the red hair.

Me at the salon right before I went from a red head to a blond.  It took two and half hours to strip the red from my hair, then another hour to color, cut and blow dry.  I got to the salon at 4:30 on Wednesday and left a little after 9pm - long night for both me and my stylist!

But it was so worth it - I love how the blonde turned out.  Of course it has been a week and I am still not used to having blond hair!

So - that is a brief update of what has been going on in my life.  If I did an update on mom it would be a weeks worth of blog posts.  She has not had a good health year that is for sure.  I will fill you in briefly when I write a post about our Salt Fork River Festival show - now that weekend was interesting.

Stay tuned - trying to get back into the blog posting.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pendant Production

Front Side of the pendants

Backside of the same pendants

I took today off to work on creating some pendants for this weekends show in Delphi, IN.  Yesterday the copper we ordered finally arrived so I was able to do some enameling today.

Mom and I have been making pendants with designs on both sides of the pendant - so you get a two for one pendant.  I am liking how these pendants are turning out.  I think I have about 20 more pendants to enamel, but not today - my feet are killing me!

So, here is what I did today.

Pendant set 1 - front and back

Pendant Set 2 - front and back:

Pendant Set 3 - front and back:

Pendant Set 4 - front and back:

Pendant Set 5 - front and back:

Pendant Set 6 - front and back:

I still have to share photos from our show at Sleepy Creek Vineyards. I will probably share photos after our show this weekend.  I am off to elevate my feet now and veg on the couch - so tired!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Recap of the Art on the Wabash Show

The inside of the car
This last week was The Art on the Wabash show.  Mom and I love this show and it was great to be back in it this year.

The first picture is the back of the new car - we bought a Toyota Highlander a few weeks ago.  It is SOOOO nice to be able to pack up the back of the car without it being a circus act trying to fit everything in the back.  Of course it was pretty interesting packing because it started to downpour as we were packing the car - at that point it was throw the stuff in the car and sort it out in the morning.

Tent and the stands with photos and shadow boxes on the street in front
It turned out to be a sunny day - but it was a bit muddy from the downpour the night before.  Plus it was a little windy that morning when we set up - so the sides of the tent went up.  We are usually part of the first group that drives in to set up - they have to times for people to setup - and I love the early setup because we are done before people start arriving.

The interior of the tent.  To the right - you see the first necklace (looks like a fish - you can see the piece here) it actually sold.  Mom and I didn't think it every would - even though we liked it - we thought it would take a very bold person to buy it.  That person was at the show on Sunday - now how cool was that!  We also sold our last large enameled copper bowl - that was going to be a wedding gift.  I guess we now need to buy more copper and get to sawing and hammering out bowls!

Mom putting the finishing touches on the grids with the pictures on them.  Mom is the set up artist for our shows - I just put things where she tells me too :)

The enameled pendants I worked on Saturday for this show. I liked how they turned out and I can't wait to make more of them up!

The big purple and yellow bowl is the one that sold
We did have a slight problem during the show - WIND!  I hate wind!  The wind gusted through and took down all the shelves - and damaged several pieces (at least it was enameled pieces I could fix).  Even with the weights on the tent mom and I were still trying to hold down the tent.  It was heart breaking hearing other peoples' pieces being knocked over all throughout the fair.  Every so often you would hear a crash and breaking of glass or pottery.

A close up of the chips in the enamel I had to fix - the bottom one is our flower bib necklace - that bib pendant was a bitch to enamel and fixing it almost did me in.  But at least it is fixed - just need to reassemble the piece for this weekends show.

And finally - a picture of mom and me after the show - finally eating.  The last time we ate was at 7am before the show started.  I think we were a little hungry by 6pm.

Overall it was a great show and it was so great to talk to customers and have pieces sell that you never thought would sell.

Salt Fork River Festival
This weekend is the Salt Fork River Festival at Sleepy Creek Vineyards in Fairmount, IL. It is an awesome show and mom and I have been at this show since it was created by our friends Joe and Dawn Taylor, owners of Sleepy Creek. You can click here to see pictures from last year. So, if you are near Fairmount, IL I seriously recommend coming out and visiting the winery and us :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We are Alive - Two Shows this Month

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Well, it has been a very, very, very long time since I have blogged.  It just seemed to be so much effort to do it - it has been that way for almost a year.

via Pinterest
My house is still on the market - though I have had a buyer since January 16th.  My mortgage company is taking its sweet time to get through the short sale.

Mom and I have had some other issues come up over the last year and I think we are just tired.  We keep telling ourselves it will get better - that we both are healthy, we have jobs and we have a roof over our head.  Sometimes the unexpected hits and the hits you know that are coming just take the oomph out of you.

Okay - enough of that.  Mom and I do have good news.  We have two shows this month - Woohoo!

We got back into one of our favorite shows - Art on the Wabash.  We love this show and we are so happy we were accepted this year.  Of course that means we need to get the tent out and make sure everything is in order - but hey - we have a show!!!!

The next show is our ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW - Salt Fork River Festival at our friend's winery.

This is a two day show - we set up on Saturday and the show ends on Sunday.  There are lots of other vendors, there is music and of course there is their wine.  It is such a laid back show with the customers walking around with wine glasses and just enjoying the atmosphere.  Our spot is located right next to the pond and the hummingbird feeder.

Okay - that is the updates on the shows.  Now updates on pendants we have made.  We haven't been in the studio as much we both wanted but we have made up some new pendants that are posted out on Etsy.

Turtle Pendant
Dragon Pendant
Finch Pendant
Frog Pendant
Hope Pendant
Hummingbird Pendant
Hummingbird Pendant
Lotus Pendant
I guess that is all the updates for now.  If you want to see what is going on with us I have been mostly posting on our Instagram if you want to keep up with us.

I hope this is a turn for the good and I will be posting more.  I will try and be more positive - being a downer is now fun for me, mom or you guys.

Thanks for sticking it out with us!!!
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