Monday, November 17, 2014

Sawing and Enameling Weekend

Moving to the computer room - tools and copper
This weekend mom and I worked on sawing out some snowflake ornaments for our last show of the year, next weekend.  But first we had to move all of the tools and copper inside because it is now too cold to saw out in the garage.

Setting up the work bench
Last year mom bought a table for us to use to saw out the copper. We each get a side of the table and then we go to town on the sawing, filing and sanding.

Caught mom in a Zen moment
Mom sure is very intent on that sawing :) We both have head phones that we use because we both like different types of music as we work.

Mom caught me sawing - can you see the saw going up and down - this also
proves I do saw out things - sometimes :)

Me catching mom taking my picture - boy do I look thrilled

We sawed out 10 ornaments but I only ended up enameling eight of them. Let me tell you - I HATE filing and sanding!!!! But I sure love the end results.

Transparent layer goes on first
Sunday is usually my enameling day. Mom went out early and set up heaters for me so I wasn't totally freezing as I was enameling. It actually wasn't too bad out in the garage.

Colored layers go on next
It was a good day enameling. I like working in batches - or like an assembly line. I like to have one set cooling as I put color and fire the next batch - so I am constantly working and not waiting on stuff. I am so don't like waiting!

These are the results of all the sawing, filing, sanding and enameling. I am really happy with them!

All the snowflake ornaments

Whatever ornaments don't sell at our show next weekend I will list in our Etsy store.

So, that was our very busy weekend. It felt good to be creating again. I seriously hope next year is much better than the last two years have been for us in the creation department. Thanks for stopping in and looking at what we were up to this past weekend!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day - Very Special for Me

via Pinterest
I have to say Veteran's Day is very special to me and for any other person who has served in the Armed Forces. I think it is a special kind of someone who serves their country. For me, serving was something I knew I wanted to do instead of going to college. 

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I had no desire to go to college, and I knew I wanted to be a Russian linguist in the Army (I had Russian in high school and loved it). I think it also helped I was an Army brat for 12 years of my life, and I loved every minute of it.
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Of course you really don't realize how small the Army is until you get to basic training and find out that your drill sergeant was actually stationed with your dad in Germany. Yes, one of my drill sergeant's worked with my dad in Worms, Germany. I found that out when she took a group of us to get our hair cut and learned about it when I was asking where she was stationed. Yes, it is a small world!

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I was actually 18 when I was told I had to make a will. I remember it was in basic training and I was thinking to myself - "What in the world do I have to leave behind? Who should I make my beneficiaries? What the hell is a beneficiary? Crap, give it all to mom and let her sort it out."

That is really an eye opener to be asked to make a will as a teenager. Of course we had to do that every time we practiced to be deployed, which was about every fiscal quarter - depending on what your post did for training purposes.

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I will never regret my time I spent in the Army. There are so many instances when I miss it still - especially the friends I made. I am sure mom is sick of hearing me talk about the various things I did and things I really shouldn't have :) I feel honored for serving with those men and women every day and I miss them every day!

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I just want to thank all of those who have served our country and those who are still serving.  You all are my heroes!!!

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 And to my personal heroes:

Upper left hand corner: Grandpa Ralph McCord, Marines WWII - served in the
South Pacific; Center: Grandpa Lee Dettlof, Army WWII - served in the
European Theatre; Upper right hand corner: Great-Uncle Gerald Brewer,
Marines WWII - died on Iwo Jima; bottom left hand corner: my dad Ralph
B. McCord, Jr., Vietnam Veteran and served more than 20 years in the Army
(got out a month before I joined), lower center and lower right hand corner,
me - Beth McCord, Sgt., Russian Linguist

Monday, October 27, 2014

Michigan Fire Hydrants, Sawing Snowflakes, Copper Malfunction, Photo Taking and Etsy Posting

Fire hydrant on University of Michigan
Each year my friend and I go up to Michigan for the large art fair they have on the University of Michigan campus (click here for last year's trip).  And each year I take pictures of the painted, chipped and rusted fire hydrants.  I FINALLY downloaded the pictures I took from July.  I thought I would share three of the pictures I am in love with.

I just love the way the paint chips and rust coming through.  I do have some of the fire hydrant pictures for sale on our Etsy site if you are looking for something rusty and unique.

Mom has started sawing out snowflakes for our last show of the season.  The few we took last year sold out in about 20 minutes - so from the picture below you see there is a pile of them that have to be sawed out.

The ones mom has sawed out

The pile to be sawed out - I will do the perimeters and mom will do the interiors
The copper malfunction - now this is a big problem.  Mom and I just ordered copper (over $200)  from the vendor we always have in the past. Mom opened the package to take out the copper to start gluing down more patterns and it was an OMG what happened moment.

The copper scrap on the right is the 20 gauge copper we use to make our pendants and bowls. The copper on the left is ohhhh much thinner than 20 gauge - I am thinking it is 24 gauge.

All the sheets of copper are like that.  So, we sent an email to them yesterday and are now waiting for a response.  This is not good for us because we need to make up more bowls and pendants before the last show.  Cross your fingers for us that we get this resolved soon or there will be much panic in the household!!!

While mom was sawing out snowflake pendants I was taking pictures of our double-sided, reversible enameled pendants to post on Etsy. Once I got all the pictures taken I then had to crop and resize the pendants - I also created a collage to show the front and back side of the pendants together.  The reversible pendants we have left have now been listed.

Here is what is for sale on Etsy:

Flower and Fleur De Lis Pendant

I call this Cosmos on the Left and Fall Colors on the Right

Snowflake Pendant

Polka Dot Pendant

Colorful Quilted Pendant

Breast Cancer Awareness and Black Ribbon Pendant

Snowflake Pendant

Vine and Curly Q Pendant

Christmas Snowflake Pendant

Butterfly and Flower Pendant

Quilted and Leaf Pendant

Fall Leaf and Orange/Gray Pendant
I also added two of our sawed out pendants:

Bird, Heart and Flower pendant

Celtic Knot Pendant
So, that was my Sunday. I actually feel like I accomplished something in regards to our business. I know we have been pretty lack on sawing, lampworking, creating jewelry, taking pictures, sharing pictures, posting on Etsy and blogging.  I think I am calling this the year of NADA DONE.

Though - I can say I am trying to be better on the blogging.  I think this will be the fourth post in the month of October.  No where close to what I used to blog - but I am slowly building back up to posting.

I also signed mom and myself up for Sally Russick's 2014 Holiday Ornament Swap. Last year was the first year we participated and our swap partner was actually Sally herself.  You can go here and check out what we received from Sally.

Well - I hope you had a wonderfully productive weekend like we did.  Have a great week!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Celebrate the Arts Show Review and Studio b Pink Party

Delphi, IN Celebrate the Arts
This past weekend was the Delphi, IN Celebrate the Arts show.  Mom and I have participated in the show every year since it began.  I seriously don't think this show can catch a break on the weather - but at least we are now in doors where before it was an outdoor show (hurricane force winds and rain).

This year we were setup inside an old Methodist church that the art society now owns.  We were setup in the sanctuary on two sides of the aisle.  One side had the enameled necklaces and pieces in the shadow boxes.

Mom setting up the other side and talking to another vendor

The other side had the bowls, bracelets, earrings, other necklaces and our pictures that have been infused in aluminum.

During the show I took up knitting again - which I have not done in a very, very, very long time.  This will be a preemie hat that will be donated once done.

So - that was our Saturday.

Sunday was an awesome day of relaxing and then of course Studio b Pink Party

Pink Party by Studio b
Studio b is where I go for my Zumba and Tabata classes.  These ladies are a bunch of amazing people and I always look forward to working out there.

The Pink Party is an annual event they host to raise money for the YWCA. Th YWCA uses those donations to help women receive breast and cervical exams. Last night the event had 86 participants and raised over $1200 for the YWCA.  If you like you can go and see a brief video of the whole group dancing on the Facebook page - you can see me for a split second :)

A picture of me before heading to the Zumba party. The necklace I am wearing is one of our double sided enameled pendants with the breast cancer awareness ribbon.  That pendant should be going into the shop sometime this week if I can get off my behind and get pictures taken :)

People signing in for the party.

My friend Julie and me after the Zumba party.  She is the one who inspired me to get into shape with Zumba - she is one awesome gal let me tell you!!!!

Prizes being handed out and treats to be eaten.

The lady throwing the package is Jill - she is my Tabata instructor and she has been so awesome and motivating to get me into shape!!!

So, that was my weekend.  I hope you had a great weekend too!!!!
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