Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Working Studio Weekend

Mom and I had to walk around the yard on Saturday morning, it had rained the night before and we wanted to see if any more of the rose buds had opened up. This is a pic of one of the opened roses - they smell oh soooo good.

Mom's sawing station
This weekend mom worked on sawing out the August ABS pendant and started sawing out a koi plate.

This is the sawed out, filed and sanded pendant for the August ABS challenge. Now I just enamel the piece - which will happen next weekend. We didn't have enough pieces filed and sanded for me to have an assembly line as I enamel.

This is mom sawing out the next piece - a koi plate. Mom likes the difficult pieces - she likes to see how far she can take the saw blade and how far she can take a design.

This is mom's view of the koi plate - like the image of the saw blade with the design.

This was my setup for making beads for the August challenge piece.

This is my view with the torch going - I have my mandrels to the right, glass in front of me and frit to the left.

This is a picture of the bead before I put it in the kiln - can't tell it is red glass - it looks black.

This is Saturday's bead haul. I have another kiln full of the same colored beads. You will see why in the next photo.

This is the challenge piece laid out - you can sort of see the sketch of what I did to the right of mom's hand. Once we laid out the beads, with accent beads, we found out I didn't make enough red beads, so I ended up making another whole batch of red beads - I even made a few small ones that mom can use to make earrings.

So - that was our weekend in the studio. I am hoping to get out into the studio in the evenings to file and sand some pendants and earrings so I can do an enameling session this weekend.

More pictures will follow.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Designs and Things

Mom and I working
Mom and I have been trying to get out into the garage/studio more. This is us this past weekend working on making up test charm bracelets. Since we don't have a bracelet mandrel (mom was making up the bangles for me) she was using a paint can, rubber cement jar and a wine bottle to form the bracelets. Improvise, adapt and overcome!

So, here are something we have been working on.

Dragon Plate - went into a shadow box for displaying

Mom loves this piece - and it actually sold at our
show at the Broadway Library Show.

Kokopelli after I finished enameling them
Kokopelli in a shadow box - this sold at our show at the Broadway Library

Frog pendant

Leaf pendant

Copper word bracelets:

Just Breathe bracelet with our lampwork beads.
I textured the copper on our cement floor in the garage since we don't
have texture hammers or texture plates.

You Matter bracelet with our lampwork glass beads

Be Awesome bracelet with our lampwork glass beads
Handmade copper word charms:
Word charms I made from etched copper that I then patined with colors

Mom made the test bangles so I could wear the
charms to make sure they can stand up to
someone wearing them. I love how they
sound when I wear them all together!

Sawing projects:
The pile of stuff to saw out is to the left and the scrap copper is to the right.

These are things I actually sawed out on Sunday.
Five pair of earrings (at the top), and four pendants.
Now to add them to the pile of stuff to file.
All the stuff to be filed and sanded. If you know of any filing or sanding
fairies - can you send them our way :)
Mom drawing up the piece for the August ABS Challenge. Maybe
we will actually finish the piece before the end of the month :)

So - that is what we have been up to lately. Hopefully I will get better at the blogging again. I have been mostly posting to our Instagram and Facebook pages; if you want to keep up with what we have been doing.

Monday, August 3, 2015

May and June ABS Challenge Pieces - Yes We are Alive

via Bing Images
Yes - mom and I are still here. For the last month we have been on vacation with my niece and nephew, one of my fur babies passed away (I am still devastated about him passing away) and then I was at a conference. So, it has been pretty busy. I also am having a hard time getting back into blogging. I have been posting on our Facebook page and our Instagram though if you want to see what we have been up to.

Mom and I have been working in the garage and we had our first summer show. I plan on posting pics of the pieces we have made and of our show, but I thought I would share the May ABS and June ABS pieces we made.

May ABS Challenge Piece:

May Monthly Challenge-Untitled, 1926-1954,
 by Augustin Lesage, Oil on Canvas
Aztec Bird
When I first saw the painting all I could see was a bird shape - so mom drew up the picture of what we both saw. So we are calling the piece "Aztec Bird".

Both mom and I loved the colors in the painting - so that is what we used to enamel the pendant and then the beads are the green with the accent colors from the bird pendant. It really isn't our usual style but that is what I love about these challenges - get you out of your box.

The pendant is sawed out of 20 gauge copper that mom has fun sawing. Then we discuss the colors. Mom actually drew the pendant on a piece of paper and used colored pencils to color in the colors she wanted me to use. We have lots of colors going on - I love it.

I made two different types of beads - both have a base color of green with two different types of frit I used that I wanted to pull the colors in from the painting and pendant. The accent beads are pink Czech beads and blue glass beads.

The piece is long enough that you can just slip it on over your head. I think mom and I did really good on the collaboration of this piece.

Of course just so you know when I was enameling this piece it was almost 100 degrees in the garage - I had sweat pouring down my head and back while I was enameling this pendant and the pendants for the June ABS piece. I was not a happy camper - but I am happy with how the pieces turned out :)

June ABS Challenge Piece:

June Monthly Challene-Feuilles, 1928
By Seraphine Louis, Pigments on Canvas

Both mom and I wanted to pull in the colors from the painting and the leaf shapes. We wanted to make a it a double strand to use all the beads I made for the piece.

For the pendants I used an oval shape that we sawed out of 20 gauge copper. I then fold formed the pendant and then shaped it to look like a leaf. I then enameled it with the colors from the painting - so there are three different pinks I used on top of white enamel.

I made two types of lampwork glass beads for the piece. One has a base color of white with pink frit on top of it - the other bead is transparent with pink frit that I feathered to make the design. The accent beads are freshwater pearls and Czech beads.

I really love the colors of this piece.

So, we are up to date as of now - we didn't create a piece for July. I am looking forward to seeing what August painting will be. Maybe we can actually finish a piece before the deadline :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clouds, Sawing/Filing, and Painting

For the last week or more we have been having a lot of thunderstorms and pop up rain showers. Mom and I will never complain about the rain because you never know when it won't rain again. But due to all the crazy weather we have had some amazing cloud displays. I love, love, love cloud watching. I don't know about you but I have so much fun trying to find shapes in clouds. Do you still do that as an adult?

On Saturday I worked in the garage by sawing out some pieces. I first had to glue the patterns onto the copper. That is the above picture. I use glue on the back of the patterns and on the copper I am going to attach the patterns to.

I then had my one pile of pieces to saw out and the other pile of pieces that needed to be filed and sanded.

I went ahead and sawed out several pieces and then started filing them. Some of the pieces are going to be folded and shaped - I will use a torch to soften them up so we can shape them. I let mom hammer the bowls into shape - lets her get out her aggression :)

On Sunday I helped mom finish up her painting of my old bedroom and bathroom. I think this is the happiest I have seen her since before the surgery. I will share final pics once we get the room back into order.

We are trying to get the painting done before we pick up the kids (niece and nephew) this weekend. They are here for their annual two week vacation with us. Don't worry - you will see lots of pics. Mom has a jammed pack two weeks of things for us to do. I just hope the weather will cooperate with all the plans - but if not - improvise, adapt and overcome!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Flower Thursday - Just for the Heck of It

Snapweed - I think
Mom and I have been going to the little hort park and taking lots and lots of flower pictures. I have also been taking a lot of pictures of the clematis that is growing outside our front door. It has really gone to town.

So - for Thursday I thought I would share some of the flower pictures we have been taking.


I think these are California Poppies

Clematis picture after it rained last week

Clematis picture after it rained last week

Daisy - I used to not like daisy's but now I can't
get enough of them when I take pictures.

Iris found over where we go to eat breakfast. I love this

A peony - I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted of them this year. The
bloomed early and fast.

I like how both of these are pictured together.

Another peony. I just love the yellow inside and the white petals outside.

I think this is rose moss.

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