Friday, April 29, 2016

New Items Listed on Etsy - Metal Prints and Pendants

Yesterday I had the day off - after working 17 hours on Wednesday (it was our Purdue Day of Giving and a friend and I volunteered to work late to help scan and enter information into the leaderboard - it was actually a lot of fun - may have to volunteer again next year).

So, I worked on taking pictures of four pendants and two of our metal prints in our brand new lightbox - that I finally put together after almost two months of it sitting in the plastic bag. I am really impressed on the lightbox and the lights that came with it.

It is just the perfect size to fit on mom's old sewing machine table. And to have enough room for the pieces and props.

This afternoon I had off - so I worked on editing all the pictures I took yesterday. Not much editing at all - just crop and re-size. Now how much fun is that!!!

Once I got done with the editing - it was time to post to Etsy. I have been a poor tender of the shop and both mom and I have been so bad about creating. We just can't swing out of this funk. If anyone has any ideas on how to get out of the series funk of not creating - please share!

But - onto good things - like what I just posted.

I posted two new metal prints:
Meramec Cavern

A Fairy Statue

We then had a special order for a "Guardian of the Wood" pendant. I have not heard back from the customer - so decided to go ahead and post the pendants to Etsy.

Guardian of the Wood - w/ bail

Guardian of the Wood - holes

Guardian of the Wood - w/ bail

Guardian of the Wood - holes

I am not going to promise to do better on blogging - since I seem to not be able to keep up with the promise.

Though I do need to be better on sharing images - of the pendants and photos we have been taking.

I hope you check out the new items - and yes - I know mom and I need to get our butts in gear and create. Ideas, ideas, ideas to get us creating please!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yes, We are Alive - Guardian of the Wood Pendants

Work area in computer room
Mom and I are alive - just haven't blogged or really done anything lately.

We have started gluing down patterns and sawing out pendants and plates.

Guardian of the Wood pendants
And we had a custom order for a Guardian of the Wood pendant (made 4 different pendants for the customer to select from).

I did a quick enameling session to get those four pendants enameled to share with the customer.

The customer wanted the pendants in blue and green - so had fun with those colors on the pendant.

Here is a picture of all four pendants together - two have bails on the back and two have holes for jump rings.

Has a bail

Holes for jump rings

Has a bail

Has holes for jump rings
I really love how each of the pendants turned out. Mom and I are still waiting to hear from the customer - but don't want to nag them because they were patient with us on making the pendants.

Mom and I have both been sick with the stomach flu, then mom had a really bad cold and of course the migraines.

Once we hear from the customer on which pendant they would like we will put the other three in the Etsy shop. I also need to work on updating the shop too.

So much to do, but mom and I have been so not in the mood. We are both guilty of this - we are letting stuff consume our lives from work, which I know we shouldn't - but sometimes it is so hard.

We are both grateful for what we have - but sometimes - just sometimes (okay, all the time) - I just want to go in to work and say I quit. Of course I need to make sure I have a backup plan before I jump ship - need to pay the bills.

Okay - will try and post more. I need to get back into our fun outlets and blogging was one of my fun outlets. So, get back to it Beth!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pendant Making Weekend

Mom looking for patterns
This weekend mom and I did work on sawing out pendants. We first had to find pendants from our stash of patterns. We ended up choosing the following patterns: turtles, hummingbirds and hearts.

Mom drawing interior designs on the turtles
Mom had to draw out designs for the turtles - for some reason we never scanned the other patterns mom made in the past - so mom drew up four different designs and this time we did scan them into our patterns folder on the computer so we have them for the future.

So - while mom was drawing I worked on gluing down the patterns on the copper. What we do is print off our patterns, cut out the patters, put glue on the copper and patterns, then glue the pattern on the copper. Mom may be able to free form saw her designs, but I really need a pattern to saw out the pendants. Mom is just that good!

So - these are the pendants that I got glued down and are ready to be sawed out. I still have several more patterns to glue down but I thought this was enough for us to start on.

And this is the start of the sawing process. Mom and I use a jewelers saw to saw out the pendants. The saw blade is a 2/0 for the perimeters and then the interiors are usually a 4/0 and sometimes a 6/0, though I don't like to use the 6/0 because all I have to do is look at the blade and it breaks.

This is what happens when you are almost done sawing out the whole pendant and it breaks on the last two inches. Never fails for me.

Since it is so cold outside mom and I have moved the sawing operations into the computer room. Mom ended up buying a movable table for us to set up the bench pins for sawing. 

At one point both of us were sawing in rhythm - it was really cool and soothing. It was great getting back into the sawing.

This is mom drilling pilot holes into the pendants so we can saw out the interiors of the pendants (this was done in the garage, and mom said the flex shaft was freezing - so the gloves). 

Mom does this part better than me - I like hammering a small dimple for the drill bit to start in - but she doesn't like what it does to the copper. So, she now drills the pilot holes because I break the bits after the first hole if I don't have that start. It also might be because I am pretty heavy handed.

I actually sketched an idea
Yesterday I actually sketched out an idea I had. As you all know I hate drawing, but this just came to me and I didn't want to forget the idea - so had to draw it out. If you can't tell that is bird with flowers. I wanted to put the pieces on wire or tubing - I was thinking of an asymmetrical necklace but mom doesn't think it would be strong or stable enough - so now thinking of putting the design in a shadow box.

Now just have to go through our patterns to see if we have any patterns already made for my idea or start looking for birds I want to use as a pattern. Something fun to look forward to.

Well, I will share more pictures when I have them so you can see the rest of the process of our pendant making marathon.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hi From Mom and I, Exercising and Bells

Just wanted to blog and say hi from mom and me. We have been taking it easy and not doing much. We did sign up for several art shows and I told mom we needed to saw out some things this weekend. Also, mom said she needed to get EB ready for taxes (joy, what fun).

I have started exercising again at my favorite place, Studio b. At the beginning of December they had a fitness challenge that went through the first week of January. If you filled up each layer of the snowman you got prices. Well, I ended up filling up the first snowman and starting on a second, which I got the bottom filled up. I am really proud of myself.

To keep the momentum going into the new year, Studio b started another fitness challenge that runs until the end of the month. Unfortunately, this week I didn't go since Saturday. I fell Saturday on the ice and then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had a migraine (those are so much fun - NOT!). So, I plan on going tonight because I have actually missed working out. I will be lucky if I can finish off the "0" and the "1" - but I still feel great about what I have accomplished!

And of course I had to share pictures of Bells. She is getting so big - and I have only had her several months. She is such a mush and pain in the rear to the other cats - she wants to play with them so bad but they don't want to have anything to do with her.

Of course if she didn't attack them they might want to play. Bells has a real attraction to Koshka's tail - she goes after that tail like nobody's business. Poor Koshka - she is old and will not have any of it. Though Koshka did really good the other night when Bells was licking her head. Koshka put up with it for about 10 minutes and then she was done.

I think what I love most about Bells is how she sleeps on the comfy couch with me. She just sprawls out and crashes. I have never figured out how cats sleep they way they do - but they sure make good pictures.

So - that is it for us. Hopefully I can share pics of what we work on this weekend. Cross your fingers :)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Here Comes the Sun: Art Jewelry Elements Rebirth of the Sun Challenge

Sun pendants from original post

The Art Jewelry Elements challenge this month is celebrating the rebirth of the sun during the winter solstice.

I actually posted a comment on the blog post about the Re-Birth of the Sun - Winter themed challenge and Giveaway and we won one of the pendants from the drawing.

So, here is what mom and I created with the pendant we received.

First - this is the sun pendant we received, THEA Elements by Lesley Watt. I was an idiot and didn't take a picture of the pendant before we assembled our piece - so sorry about that.

Mom and I loved the colors and we actually had some Viking Knit chain created that was going to work perfectly with this piece.

We then used accented gold and gunmetal spacers from the Viking Knit to the pendant.

We also used one of our lampwork beads to dangle from the bottom hole on the pendant. Mom and I thought the colors matched perfectly with the pendant. I am usually not an orange person - but I really love the colors of the sun pendant and the lampwork bead pendant.

Mom and I have had this Viking Knit created for about a year - but had no idea what to do with it. It is good thing we didn't just trash it - the chain works perfectly with the pendant.

A final picture of the piece we created.

Mom and I want to thank Lesley for the gorgeous pendant and getting us motivated to create in the new year.

If you would like to see the other participants - check out the list below.

Guest Designers

AJE Team
Lindsay Starr

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year from Us!

Mom and I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone!

Don't have any resolutions this year - just need to get our butts back into creating.

So - hopefully you will see more of us on the blog and more pieces in the works.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Wind Turbines and Bells

This past Saturday mom and I headed up to Michigan City to the Lighthouse Outlet mall. We really weren't shopping for anything specific (okay, I was looking for a Coach bag, which they ended up not having). We had fun just walking around because it was gorgeous out!

On the way back I decided to take the back road of 231 home, this was around Wolcott, Indiana. There are a lot of wind turbines out in that area.

Okay - for some reason this one is inserting sideways -
 so sorry about that!

I thought the wind turbines would make a good picture so I asked mom to get my phone out and start taking pictures. It was fun watching mom try and take pictures because she wasn't sure how to use my phone.

Overall I think she did a fantastic job. Way to go mom!

I thought I would share an updated picture of Bells. She is growing so fast but she is still a mush at night. This is how she sleeps on me (a lot).

And another pic of her - the flash woke her up - so she had to switch around and then play a little before she flopped back down.

So - that was a brief update of what we did this weekend. I hope you had a great weekend before the rush, rush, rush of the holidays!
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